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Balance on the equator!

Thumb Balance on the equator!-

Balance on the equator: awareness and spirituality in everyday life in the Andes

This trip is suitable for anyone interested in the local spiritual practices of the Andean Indians and for people who want to work on their own inner growth and awareness.

This particular trip is possible from 1-7 people and takes a week. The program starts on Friday. During this week you will get acquainted with a Themascal (Sweat Lodge), get a massage, reiki treatment, an energetic cleaning by a traditional healer and a visit to  “Curandera” who reads candles. There is also time for hiking and visits with local people who make beautiful handicrafts that are sold in the famous market in Otavalo.

We work with the principles of humanistic psychology, with local traditional healers called Yachacs and recognized spiritual leaders of the “sacred fire of Itzachilatlan”.

During your stay accommodation and meals are included and your meals adapted to the activities you will undertake. If there is  availability or at request you can also participate in a ceremony with Ayahuasca Medicine and / or Aguacolla (San Pedro), under the direction of an experienced spiritual leader of the “sacred fire of Itzachilatlan”.

During the program you will receive coaching and translation of a English speaking coach who has lived more than 25 years between shamans from the Andes. With her  you can share your experiences and she will give you’re the necessary support.  Her qualities are a warm empathetic personality,  clarity and intuition.

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Balance on the equator!
$925.00 per persoon

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